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The Community Consulting Project (CCP) is a program that provides students the opportunity to try hands-on consulting experience by providing pro-bono consulting services to local non-profit organizations (NPO).

Key Characteristics

Duration – projects are completed during a semester (approximately 6-7 week period)

NPO’s role – submit proposals and outline the scope and objectives of the project they would like completed. Provide required data to students during the project.

Student’s role – work closely with the NPO’s to craft out the scope, perform interviews and have check points. Students are the project team and manage their own end-to-end deliverable and supporting activities. At the end of the project, teams present their findings in a report/presentation outlining specific recommendations addressing the business issues.

Accenture’s role – act as the advisors for student teams in their research, analysis, development and delivery of their presentation. Accenture does not directly advise NPO’s but provides reviews and templates to students as needed. Accenture also helps NPO’s shape their projects and scope.

Team Structure and Duration

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Each team is responsible for all aspects of the project including NPO management, relationship and deliverable creation for a 6 week period.

Key Recruitment Dates

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Project Timeline and Milestones

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2015/2016 Accenture CCP: Student Feedback

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NPO Clients & Partners for Accenture CCP 2016-2011

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